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Getting Prepared for a Longer Christmas Break

With semesters being shorter this year, being prepared for going back home will require a bigger load. Let you children know that they need to start getting things together a few weeks in advance, so they do not procrastinate. Try to avoid stress packing by telling them to get a list together of what they will need so that they will not have to make a trip back to their university. This year they will need to pack not only for Christmas, but also Thanksgiving and New Years! It will start to get cold so let them know to bring back their winter and warmer clothing. We have a few ways to help your college students prepare for their long and earned break!

1. Make a check list.

Check lists are always helpful when planning for a long stay wherever you go. They make sure you have everything you need and do not forget anything important. Since this break is longer than normal, they will need to pack for multiple holidays and for colder weather. If there is something your student does not have, this checklist will be a reminder for them to go and get whatever it is they need before they leave their college town.

2. Have them book flights ahead of time (if they are out of state).

If your student is out of state, make sure they go ahead and book their flights home ahead of time. This is important because it will allow your student to find cheaper prices instead of purchasing a flight for an expensive price at the last minute. Being prepared and finding flights in advance is super important and could save you and your student money.

3. Let them know about plans for your family’s break.

Since there are three different holidays during this break, different clothing and personal items will be necessary for them to pack. Whether you all are going out of town or staying home with the family, your student will need to pack a bigger bag (especially since winter clothes take up more room). You do not want to forget to let your child know about plans you have made and have to go out and buy them the necessities for your plans when they already have them back in their college town!

4. Have them leave with a clean room.

Let your students know that leaving with a clean room will be great for them once they return to campus. When your student comes back to their dorm, apartment, or wherever they are living, they will be annoyed when they not only have to unpack all of their belongings that they packed for break, but also clean up their room from months before.

5. Remember to turn off AC and all lights!

This is extremely important! Make sure you let your students know to turn off all AC units and turn out all their lights and anything else that is plugged in that is using energy. If your student accidentally leaves these on, your bill could be awfully expensive if no one is living in their apartment during break. This will save you a ton of money by simply reminding them to turn off all appliances!

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