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Getting Prepared for Finals

Finals are approaching a lot faster than normal due to shorter semesters because of COVID. Getting ahead of the game and knowing what needs to be done in order to be successful for finals is important. Classes might be a little more difficult due to online classes or difficulties due to COVID, so it is important to let your student know how to make their studying a little easier. We have included some helpful tips to help your student ace all of their final exams!

1. Don’t be afraid to talk to your professors.

Tell your students that reaching out to their professors can be very beneficial for receiving good grades in a class. Professors will have more respect for them and will recognize them more if they are asking questions and letting them know that you care and want to do well in their class. Not only will they get great help from the person creating the final your student will take, but this will let them know that they are taking their class seriously. Professors are there to help your students and not there to intimidate or discourage them!

2. Make a schedule ahead of time.

Making a schedule ahead of time is very important for doing well in your student’s finals. This will allow them to figure out the dates of each final and which ones to start studying for first. This will also help with being proactive and not cramming for a final at the last second. Stressed is the worst way to go into a final. You want your student to go into an exam confident and calm knowing that they will do well. Tell you students to make a plan and stick to it! Have them study a little every day to make studying not so draining.

3. Find a study group/tutor.

Finding a study group or a tutor makes studying more helpful and fun at the same time! Hearing and learning information for a final can be beneficial by hearing how others study the material and what they know that your student could have not even thought about. Getting a study group together or finding a tutor will hold your student accountable for studying the material because they will have a set time to go over the material for their final. If looking for a tutor, be sure to check out King Twin Tutoring ( for some great options for all subject areas!

4. Stay well rested.

Let your students know that they should get plenty of sleep and eat well during exam week. If your student ends up staying up all night cramming, they will be so tired and not do as well on their exams. Going to bed confident and getting great sleep and eating well will benefit them for this difficult week and help them to be successful when going in and taking the actual exam. Good sleep will help your students stay focused and be more aware of the questions they are being asked on their finals.


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