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Getting Ready for Finals

With summer being so close and finals being just around the corner, finals are probably the last thing students are worried about. Thinking about their summer plans and what they are going to do with their friends, but what about finals? Well, here are a few ways to make sure they’re prepared.

  1. Checking to see which classes are actually having a final test rather than a project. Some teachers give projects instead, meaning studying for it is not a part of the project. For a test final, that has the potential of being proctored, studying and being prepared is essential to doing well. That means making or completing a study guide, getting a group of people to study with, or even making a Quizlet to share with the class. Being prepared for a final project is also just as important, but that is different than studying for a test.

  2. Talking to the professor about the final is also a good way to stay prepared. This allows for a better understanding of what could or will be on the final. Also, professors appreciate when their students take the time to talk to them about the class because it shows that your student cares.

  3. Start studying in time before the final. Most students like to wait to study at the very last minute and end up not doing well on tests, quizzes, or even finals. Studying about two or three days before the exam, maybe even earlier, will ensure that all the material is well known and understood.

  4. Taking breaks and doing something else is very helpful. If your student gets overwhelmed by studying or looking at a screen for too long, getting up and taking a walk or getting a snack could be helpful. Studying for too long and looking at the same thing for hours can make someone feel like they are going crazy, so switch it up after a few hours and do something else for a few minutes.

  5. Self-care during finals is the best piece of advice I can give. Set goals for yourself while studying so that when you reach a goal, you feel good about yourself and what you have accomplished. Also, take the time to relax a little in between studying, it will help you retain information and not to get too stressed.

Being prepared for finals can be hard, but not if you follow simple steps and keep up with a routine. Making sure you study the correct materials at the appropriate time before the final and taking care of yourself is a recipe for success. Want to see other fun tips and fun activities for your student to do? Subscribe to our newsletter today!

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