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How to Decorate and Refresh a Blank Wall

Whether your decor style is shabby chic, farmhouse, modern, or boho- there are numerous ways to spice up your home this year. We have gathered a few of our favorite trends and decor pieces, so that you'll be in the know about all of the latest styles and new trends.

1) Create a wall gallery

Find an empty wall in your home and begin to piece together different sized pictures frames filled with photos of your friends, family, favorite musicians, quotes, and anything else that represents or inspires you. Using a mix of different sized picture frames will create an eye-catching appearance and is an easy way to fill an empty space. You do not want your wall to look too cluttered, so we recommend laying your picture frames out on your floor to get an idea of what it will look like all together. You can print pictures at Target, Walmart, or CVS and you can find fun picture frames at variety stores. We love Marshalls, Target, and Wayfair!

2) Use wallpaper

That’s right, wallpaper is back! Wallpaper takes away the hassle from completely renovating your home and creates a vibrant tone to any room. There are thousands of designs to choose from and who says you can’t have more than one wallpaper in your home? You can use a tropical-inspired design for a fun, beachy vibe in a bathroom or in a sunroom. Textured wallpaper is key to add some depth to any room and will catch the eye of anyone that walks in. If you like more of a contemporary vibe, then a 3-D wallpaper is your go to. The 3-dimensional wallpaper will add a “wow” factor that you might be looking for. These easy to use peel and stick wallpapers will certainly add a pop to any of your rooms. You can find them on Wayfair, Target, or World Market.

3) Add some floating shelves

An all time favorite home decor item- floating shelves. There are hundreds of ways to use floating shelves and they can create many different looks, depending on what you are using them for. You can install them in your kitchen to display your favorite dishes and this makes it easier to grab items while cooking. Stacking a bunch of shelves near each other or aligning them next to each other will make a statement and a great way to display books, artwork, plants, candles, a statement piece, the list goes on. Floating shelves are the perfect addition to any room and are extremely versatile.

So what are you waiting for? Bring out your inner Joanna Gaines and turn your walls from boring to fabulous!

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