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Midterm Week - Ole Miss

The 2020 school year has been unlike no other and the Fall midterm week is nearly here. Midterm week is always a load of stress for both your student and you as a parent – even if their classes are primarily online. Trying to help your students from afar can be difficult, but we have some strategies and advice to help your students from a distance. Being prepared for midterms is crucial and could impact your students’ grades depending on the percentage of the grade it counts for. Below we have strategies and businesses that can help prepare your students for their midterm tests.

Study Tips for Students

1. Plan ahead and manage your time

When it comes to midterm week, your student will have a high possibility of having tests back to back days. This is why planning and time management is so crucial in order for your student to succeed during this important test week. Tell your students to go ahead and write down the dates and time of their tests at least 2 weeks ahead so they have time to plan and study. This will lower you and your students stress and avoid cramming during midterm week.

2. Reach out to Professors

Let your students know that reaching out to their professors could benefit them in the long run during their semester. Establishing a relationship with a professor is beneficial because this class could have over 200 people. Letting your professor know who you are and that you are wanting to succeed and work hard in their class could lead to success. Do not stop there, encourage your students to attend office hours, reach out to teacher’s assistants, or ask professors for good tutors or extra guidance. A little can go a long way!

3. Stay healthy!

Not only is it important to stay healthy during any exam week, but it is especially crucial to stay healthy during a pandemic. Let your student’s know about CDC guidelines and have them be aware that going to outings with a large number of people can put them at risk. Contracting COVID or any other virus during midterm week could impact your student’s grades from being ill. Make sure they keep washing their hands and that they are wearing their masks. Being proactive and using these safety measures will only help your students in the long run. Read again #2. If an illness hits your student midterm week, having that baseline contact relationship with their professor or instructor is critical to their understating for adjustments when in need. Remember not all students are forthright or truthful!

4. Utilize on and off campus tutoring!

University-affiliated tutoring services and non-affiliated services can provide excellent support to your students during stressful test weeks. A longtime fav of Ole Miss students has been King Twin Tutoring offers helpful tutoring services that will be very helpful for your student during this crazy week. They are holding their tutoring services virtually so that safety measures are taken place. (look up university services for Ole Miss, MS, Alabama, Vanderbilt, and Auburn


Students need to understand which study environment best suits them. Whether they prefer a quiet, secluded space or enjoy the bustle of a coffeehouse, the University of Mississippi and Oxford have a space to support every student in their academic success. Finding locations can be tricky during this time, but here are a few places students can go and knock out their studying.

1. The Grove

The Grove is always a student favorite for studying and getting schoolwork done. It is located right in the middle of campus, so it is perfect if your student is living on campus. Even amoungst COVID, The Grove provides multiple picnic tables and benches that are perfect for studying. Students also bring picnic blankets that they can set out in the middle of the Grove for a relaxing study day. Not only is this a great place to study, but it also gives your student a beautiful view to look at and have in the background during their studies.

2. JD Williams Library (The REAL Library!)

The University’s Library is currently open for student access. They are currently open from 7:30 am to 8pm but are only allowing 600 students in the building at a time for health reasons. It offers three floors and each floor you go up, the quieter it will get. If your student is wanting to study with another student, they should stay on the first floor. The JD Williams Library also has a Starbuck’s so your student can go grab a coffee or food if ever wanted. Copies and even 3D printing is available too!!

3. The Graduate

The Graduate Hotel is a great place for your student to study for midterms or any type of schoolwork! Located just off the Oxford Square, their lobby offers different types of seating and tables/desks for your student to come and get their work done. This hotel captures the spirit of the University of Mississippi and has a positive vibe that is apparent throughout the whole hotel. The Graduate has a café called Cabin 82 that offers both breakfast and lunch if your student is needing a study break.

4. Lost Dog Coffee

Don’t discount the location of Lost Dog Coffee. Its highly considered the Best Kept Secret of Oxford locals and students alike who are seeking an amazing cup of Joe and a place to settle in. Located at 4 Town Square Lane in Taylor, MS, just 15 minutes from downtown Oxford. They offer indoor and outdoor seating for your student to study in a comfortable atmosphere! Their interior consists of vintage furniture and gives you that old-timing feel. Lost Dog’s menu consists of different types of breakfast treats, coffee, and tea. Wednesday and Thursday nights hours are extended till 8pm to accommodate late night studying! If you’d like to send your student with a coffee and a treat during midterm week, make sure to text or call the owner Leighton for a special gift certificate. (662) 832-2771

5. Common Ground Coffee

Common Ground Coffee is Oxfords newest coffee joint and just opened a new location located at 81 Ed Perry Blvd Suite 101, Oxford, MS. (Near the Oxford Commons movie theatre.) Their menu is located on their Facebook and has a lot for your student to enjoy while studying for their midterms. They offer lunch as well from 11 am to 2 pm Monday through Friday. They also have a second location inside of Oxford Gourmet.

6. Panera

A national favorite, Panera always allows students to come in and study during any of their opening hours. Their hours are from 6am to 9pm giving your student a ton of time to study during the morning and late at night. They are allowing students to come inside and study and also have outdoor seating as well. Panera offers a huge menu with a ton of options for your student to munch on.

7. Lamar Park

Lamar Park is a favorite for students at the University of Mississippi. They offer plenty of picnic tables and spots for your student to study for their test week. It is located just minutes from campus and will give your student a stress-free zone to focus on their studies. If you are looking for a place to take a good study break, this is the place to be. Offering a lake for reflection, or a 1.5 mile track to work out some stress. Lamar Park actually served as Oxford first County Club Golf Course. Now each (former) hole serves as an amazing landscape for outdoor time with family and friends.

Share on to your student and certainly share your favorites too! Stay safe and study hard!!!

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