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Move-In Week: Are You Ready?!

The countdown is on... In less than two months, Oxford will be bustling with both new and familiar faces ready to move in and kick off the Fall 2022 semester. It is an exciting time filled with many emotions, and we are here to provide some tips to help it run as smoothly as possible. You may be mentally preparing yourself for the craziness - hundreds of families moving into the same building simultaneously – but it’s nothing to dread! Move-in week is so well-organized by the University. There are several volunteers from various organizations to assist with the moving process, so you will not take on this day alone.

Groovin’ at Move-In 2022 will be on Monday, August 15, and Tuesday, August 16. Each student is required to make a move-in appointment, which will allow them to check in online when their time slot comes, then move into the dorm! Move-in appointments will become available in July, so be sure to check that off your list, as each student MUST have an appointment.

For students registered for and participating in Primary Sorority Recruitment (Female Rush), move-in will be on Thursday, August 11, and Friday, August 12.

For new incoming Honors College Students, their day is Saturday, August 13.


1. Again, be sure to schedule an appointment!

2. No trailers on campus or anything like! So the big question is how do you get all your stuff in one car? You don't have to. Think about setting up a command center off-campus and relaying items from there in carloads.

3. Ship ahead of time! With the mail system as slow as molasses, consider direct shipping items now to have waiting on you. The Campus Package Center is located in Brown Hall. Contact them at (662)915-2611 and they will get you all fixed up! Be warned though, wait lines will be long during move-in. You can also set up your child’s on-campus mailbox while you’re there. Have a friend or know someone in Oxford you can ship to? Consider that!

4. Your will 100% need their Ole Miss ID for move-in. When the day comes, the Student ID serves for direct access to the dorm building and also as their room key.

5. Good news or bad news first?

  • Good news! Volunteers will be available at most residential dorms and can quickly help unpack your car.

  • Bad news: The taller the building the longer the wait for elevators. Remember though, by making appointments to move-in this helps alleviate everyone going to the 10th floor at the same time, etc.

6. If you are interested in going out to eat with your family during move-in week, you may want to consider making restaurant reservations. Move-in week in Oxford will be just as busy as a football weekend, so make sure to stay ahead of the game and plan accordingly. Here are some of our favorite restaurants on the Square in Oxford that will hit the spot after a hard working day of move-in:

  • Ajax Diner

  • Boure

  • City Grocery (accepts reservations)

  • McEwen’s(accepts reservations)

  • Oxford Burger Company

  • Oxford GrilleHouse (accepts reservations)

  • South Depot Taco Shop

  • St. Leo (accepts reservations)

  • The Sipp (accepts reservations)

  • YuGo: (accepts reservations)

7. Hotels are also slim pickins'during move-in week as well. If you haven’t already, go ahead and make your hotel arrangements NOW. Here are some of our favorites that still have availability for move-in week:

  • Graduate Hotel

  • Hampton Inn Oxford Conference Center

  • Hampton Inn Oxford West

  • TownePlace Suites by Marriott

  • Holiday Inn Express

  • The Inn At Ole Miss (Psst: free parking and you're ON campus already. See #2 above)

8. WalMart craziness! There is nothing like a Walmart in a small college town. You have 20,000+ students moving into dorms, apartments and homes ---> low inventory. Sure, our shelves are well stocked in preparation but depending on when you get here is how lucky you will be to score everything on your shopping list. Consider going to nearby Walmart's (Batesville: 20 minutes away; Pontotoc: 20 minutes away or Holly Springs 25 minutes away). You could also work ahead and do a pick up order for your items at those neighboring stores and fetch it on your way to Oxford!

Move-in is one of the most exciting experiences a student can have, but at the moment it may seem daunting. We encourage all incoming students and parents to put these fears aside and embrace the newness and unknown. Whether you know it now or not, move-in marks the beginning of the most amazing journey a student can have here at Ole Miss. Everyone who comes to Oxford grows and thrives in their own special way, and will make memories and friendships that will last a lifetime. With that being said, bring it on, move-in!

So, soon-to-be empty nesters, start getting excited for this huge step in your child’s life! Begin making arrangements now so you can relax during your child’s last couple of days at home. As always, if you have any questions about move-in, please let us know! You can reach us on Facebook or shoot us an email at . We can’t wait to have your kids here in Oxford! Hotty Toddy!

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