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Need New Furnishings? Shop Oxford!

Shopping to furnish a second home or condo can be exhausting, right?? Finding the right size beds, a comfortable couch, the best mattress… can all be a lot! Sometimes you can use old furniture that you have in storage but let’s be honest, that doesn’t seem to happen often. Another hassle would be transporting all of your new furnishings from your hometown. While you can always have it shipped, you can save money by making your purchases in Oxford and having them delivered and set up. This is the easy way out….or IN to that new home.

While there are several places around Oxford that offer furnishings, we have our favorites. Whether you are looking for a comfy sofa, barstools, tables or desks, Oxford Home Furnishings literally has anything that you could ever need or want. They carry several different brands with a wide price range to fit any budget. And let’s not forget to mention their impeccable customer service. Wendy and her crew truly love their customers and try to do anything in their power to make sure you have what you want and that you leave them happy. Located behind Oby’s down from Tuesday Morning, Oxford Home Furnishings is definitely one of our go-to’s when it comes to furnishings!

One purchase I find to be one of the most important is a good quality, comfortable mattress. While Oxford Home Furnishings has a great selection, so do our friends at Bedzzz Express and they have a HUGE selection. With all sizes and prices available, you can’t beat it! Be sure to stop in and take a look next time you are in town. And also keep in mind, they usually have great sales throughout the year as well. Bedzzz Express is located across from Wal-Mart next to Chick-Fil-A on Jackson Avenue.

So, next time you are moving, renting or purchasing a new home, remember that our Oxford stores offer some great items and buying locally here will save you time and the headache of moving from your hometown!

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