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Our Guide For The Perfect Grad Gifts

We know that finding the perfect graduation gift for your loved ones or family members can be tricky, so we have made a list of some great options to help with your search. We love giving gifts that can be useful for grads for their future. They will have big changes ahead of them so why not give them gifts that will help make those changes a little easier?

1. Business Clothing

Business clothing will be a great gift for those just graduating college that are about to enter the workforce. Business clothes can be an extra expensive cost especially for college grads who haven’t been making any money and are now on their own. They can use these clothes for years and will be a great use to them.

2. Brooklinen gift card

A Brooklinen gift card would be great for either a high school graduate or a college graduate. The gift of new and nice sheets would put a smile

on anyone’s face. Whoever you are giving this gift to, will be using these sheets every night! Having a good set of sheets would be a very nice gift for anyone and something they wouldn’t typically buy for themselves.

3. Uber Service Subscription

This is a gift that will be very useful no matter if you are buying for a recent high school graduate or college graduate. Uber prices can get pretty expensive depending on the time and what is going on in the area. Having a ride, no matter if one has been drinking or just solely needs a ride to get somewhere, is important and a necessity. This will be a great gift for anyone.

4. Cookbooks and cooking essentials

Living on your own and cooking can be tough, so taking the first step and gifting some cookbooks and kitchenware is useful. For extras in the kitchen, check out Lily Pad’s great kitchen towels and Oxford Gourmet & Gift’s fun platters or their charcuterie board necessities.

5. Gym membership

Everyone wants to be a member at a gym, but no one wants to pay. A gym membership is a perfect gift for a college grad that you know who wants to stay active. No one wants to gain the freshman 15! Some great places in Oxford to look into are: Orangetheory Fitness, Anytime Fitness, HotWorx, Shed Fitness, Snap Fitness, Rebel Body Fitness, Pure Barre, Core Fitness, and Oxford CrossFit.

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