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Our Guide for the Perfect Grad Gifts Part 2

Graduation Guide Article 3

Graduation is slowly sneaking up on us, so we are here to help you find great gifts for either your friends or family members that are about to graduate this year. Whether they are graduating from high school or college, we have a list of items that will be useful for their upcoming future.

1. Amazon Gift Card or Prime Subscription

Amazon gift cards or a Prime subscription would be a perfect gift for any graduate whether they are graduating from high school or college. Amazon offers millions of different products for them to buy books, house décor, technology, and much more. A Prime subscription is a bonus because they will have the benefits of receiving any orders in just two days!

2. Cleaning Services

Hot Mops located right here in Oxford offers amazing cleaning services for any house or apartment. Hot Mops’ services will make a senior’s transition out of their college living space effortless, giving them extra time they would typically spend trying to clean out their home. Hot Mops also offers scheduled services, which would be a great option for anyone you know attending grad school in Oxford.

3. Backpack for the Office

A backpack or work bag is a great gift for college graduates. Whether you are buying a gift for a woman or a man, they both will be needing some sort of bag to carry their belongings to wherever they are going to be working in the future. By giving them a work bag, they will be able to use this for years.

4. Streaming Service Subscription

Whether you pick Hulu, Netflix, Disney Plus, etc., a streaming service subscription would be a great gift to any graduate whether they are graduating from college or high school. Watching television shows and movies has made a big switch from watching them on cable to streaming services. They will have a wide range of different movies and shows they can watch.

5. Keurig

Whether the person you are buying a gift for is going to be a college student or going into the workforce, coffee will help anyone who needs an extra boost to get their day started or to help them get focused on their activities for the day. Keurigs help make making coffee a lot easier and quicker as well. Not only can you use them for coffee, but also tea and hot chocolate.

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