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Preparing For Midterms

Getting into the spring semester at Ole Miss, schools starts slow. Syllabus week starts, and the social scene of Oxford is back in full swing. So, naturally, our POMs are probably wondering when all the actual school work will hit their student. Midterm week is approaching quickly with exams beginning the week of February 20th, and now your lucky student gets to cram in study sessions for days on end. Fearing that your student wont know the best ways to prepare for exams? Don’t worry! Here are some tips, tricks and study spots that all students can enjoy.


  1. 1.     Make sure to plan ahead.

One of the most effective ways to get through midterm week peacefully is to plan ahead. By labeling exam dates, times and topics in a weekly planner, preparing for exams is a lot easier and a lot more organized. Not only that, but constantly looking in a planner will remind students to make time for studying ahead of their exam and to pick up their testing scantrons on campus in the library, bookstore, or pods.

  1. 2.     Make a game plan for each class.

Studying for exams can be stressful, so it’s important that students make a study plan to guide them through the week. Because few students are taking classes exclusively in one department, differentiating between how you’ll prepare for business calculus and world literature respectively will be an important part of your study plan. For business calculus, students may want to rework math questions from prior exams, but for world literature, students may want to reread the key texts they were assigned. Needless to say, every subject is different, so one method of studying may not work for all exams!

  1. 3.     Take advantage of on-campus tutoring services.

Many students are unaware that the university offers tutoring services free of charge for undergraduate students. Multiple departments within the university offer tutoring services in group settings, one-on-one meetings, supplemental instruction sessions, or through the university’s cost-free Writing Center in Lamar Hall.

4. Open communication with professors

If your student is swamped with exams and doesn’t quite grasp the concepts that will be present on their upcoming midterm exam, the best way to clear up frustration is to contact their professor or teaching assistant. A lot of students refrain from emailing professors or attending office hours, but what better way to clarify confusion than talking to the person responsible for it?

5.     Ensure responsible, healthy habits

For some reason, college students have placed emphasis on binge-studying for hours on end in the library. Though a lot of people do it, that doesn’t mean its the best way to study! To reduce stress and to make sure students are comfortable with the exam material, they should have multiple study sessions over the course of a few days or a week.

6.     Change your study scenery

If the library is too packed, not your student’s favorite place, and they get too distracted to study at home, don’t get too worried! There are many popular spots in Oxford that provide a warm, cozy location for studying.


1.    Destination Study

If your student is looking for a place away from his or her apartment to prepare, have them check out PODS Destination Study. They provide quiet rooms with dry-erase walls and tabletops that you can rent by the hour. A dedicated study space is one of the top 5  tools for productive study habits. Not only do they provide study PODS, but they also have tutors available to help them better prepare. They can reserve their space by calling 662-607-6540 or by visiting their website,

2.     Graduate Oxford

A well-known study location for students throughout the semester, the lobby of Graduate Oxford and their cafe, Cabin 82, are particularly popular study spots during exam season. Adorned with comfortable couches, cute decor, and seemingly endless amounts of coffee, Graduate Oxford is a fan favorite.

3.     The Grove

When it’s nice out, The Grove is one of the best spots to study. Whether your student chooses to sit under a shady tree, on a park bench, or at one of the picnic tables, The Grove is a quiet and relaxing place to get work done.

4.     Lost Dog Coffee

Lost Dog Coffee is a study spot that’ll make your student feel right at home—without the distractions, of course! From the coffee bar where your student can study alone, to cozy tables where they could study with friends, Lost Dog Coffee is perfect for hitting the books. Google reviews on the coffee shop even speak to its credibility as a study spot, with one reviewer saying its a great place to “read and work on stuff,” and another claiming the coffee shop has an “easy-going atmosphere.

5.     Square Books

While many know that Square Books is a popular bookstore, few people know of it as being a good study spot… But after reading this, we’re sure it’ll be the next big study spot! On the top floor of the bookstore, there is a small cafe, cute little chairs, and tables where your student could study. In a remote, quiet area in the bookstore, your student is also guaranteed to be the most productive in this spot.

6.     Apartment complex study rooms

Study rooms around Oxford apartment complexes may be overlooked, but they sure are a good spot to study! One of the bigger advantages to getting work done in a study room is that there are no outside distractions or by standers who aren’t doing school work, so your student will be surrounded by other students, which might even boost their motivation to study. To get more information about apartment complexes and their amenities, check out our housing week recap!

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