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Preparing for the Break

Going home for break after you've been at school can be interesting to say the least. Our friend, Sarah Jay Gray, M. Ed. Counselor has some great tips for your students! Share this article with them before they head home this weekend.

Keep open communication with your parents. Respect their boundaries when you are in their home and have conversations ahead of time about your plans for the week (especially night time) so they can rest easy.

Quality rest in a college setting can be hard to come by. Try to keep a healthy sleep schedule and take advantage of your time at home to recharge so you return ready to tackle finals week.

Reconnect with old friends while you are home. It is a busy week for most so schedule some QT with the people you want to make sure you see!

Check-in on school work. Plan ahead for any work you need to do during the break and look ahead at what's coming up in the weeks you return.

Mindful alcohol consumption can save you alot "Hangxiety '' the next day. Know your limits and never drink and drive.

Bring warm clothes back to school with you. It may only be a few weeks but you want to be prepared for the bizarre weather.

Stay active for your mind and body. Not everyone will be having a holly jolly time so remember that movement can be a great way to build up those happy hormones (and may give you a break from that annoying family member).

Set your priorities for the week ahead of time. Hold yourself accountable for the things you choose. Your future self will thank you!

😮‍💨Remember your coping skills. Breathing techniques and grounding techniques can help when you are feeling overwhelmed. Never underestimate the ability of a 5 min mental break to allow you respond rather than react.

Hotty Toddy & Happy Thanksgiving!

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