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Start Spring with a Clean Slate

The start of a new season marks the start of a new beginning. A time to refresh our lives just as the beautiful spring days begin. Don’t we all love the opportunity to catch up on that never ending to-do list and things we have been pushing off?

Although “spring cleaning,” can be a fun and relaxing time to declutter and restore, it can be overwhelming. Not knowing where to start is the number one reason we usually don’t. Let your mind be at ease with these six simple steps to start your spring season with a clean slate:

1. Pantry refresh

Have you ever wanted a full and organized pantry? The winter season can leave our pantries looking hectic. Maintaining a stocked and visually appealing pantry can be time consuming. With the help of a local company, Right on Time, it can be simple.

Right on Time is an errand service that will make your life easier. The company also provides gift delivery, personal shopping, trash valet, and pick-up/drop-off services. All of which can easily be purchased on their website:

When refreshing your pantry for the new season, you want to begin with a purge. Remove all of the items in your pantry and check the expiration dates. Throw away the things that are no lon