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Start Spring with a Clean Slate

The start of a new season marks the start of a new beginning. A time to refresh our lives just as the beautiful spring days begin. Don’t we all love the opportunity to catch up on that never ending to-do list and things we have been pushing off?

Although “spring cleaning,” can be a fun and relaxing time to declutter and restore, it can be overwhelming. Not knowing where to start is the number one reason we usually don’t. Let your mind be at ease with these six simple steps to start your spring season with a clean slate:

1. Pantry refresh

Have you ever wanted a full and organized pantry? The winter season can leave our pantries looking hectic. Maintaining a stocked and visually appealing pantry can be time consuming. With the help of a local company, Right on Time, it can be simple.

Right on Time is an errand service that will make your life easier. The company also provides gift delivery, personal shopping, trash valet, and pick-up/drop-off services. All of which can easily be purchased on their website:

When refreshing your pantry for the new season, you want to begin with a purge. Remove all of the items in your pantry and check the expiration dates. Throw away the things that are no longer good-to-eat, and determine what you are missing. Place an order for grocery pick up with Right on Time, and move on to your next project. Afterall, there is no time to waste frustrated scanning the isles of the supermarket for the very specific things you need. Instead use this time to get started on another area of your life and let Right on Time do the work for you. You can take it one step further and book a trash valet appointment to save time disposing of all the food you just purged.

Right on Time offers single-use and monthly plans for all of your needs. This way you can stay on-top of your shopping without the hassle. The company accepts a multitude of different easy-pay methods both digital and paper, making for the absolute easiest experience for you.

If you want to learn more about Right on Time, visit their website or call 662-380-1009

2. Clean your space.

If you just got around to taking your holiday decorations down, or you are the person who starts packing them up the first day of the new year, we could all use a deep clean. The space you surround yourself with directly affects the trajectory of your everyday health and wellbeing both physically and mentally. However, hunching over a mop and getting on your hands and knees to deep clean can also affect your physical wellbeing. That is why a cleaning service like Hot Mops of Oxford is the perfect choice.

Hot Mops is a full service janitorial company. Leave it to the professionals, and book an appointment by emailing or calling 662-801-3986. Their commitment to stellar service will leave your space feeling refreshed for the spring season.

3. Take on your dirty laundry pile.

Staying on-top of laundry while balancing a busy schedule can be hard. A mountain of unwashed clothes in the corner of your room can leave you feeling flustered. The start of a new season is the perfect time to set up a laundry routine, to ensure you never end up with a mountain pile again. If you are anything like me, and have a busy schedule that leaves little time for things like laundry, you too can still develop a laundry routine.

Hot Mop’s new addition, Drop a Load, is the perfect fit for you. Drop a Load is a laundry valet service that offers fluff and fold along with pick-up and/or delivery options. This is the perfect option to help you maintain a laundry schedule. To book an appointment email or call 662-801-3969.

4. Clean your car.

The dirt and grime that hides even after we try our best to clean cars can be impossible to reach. Maintaining a clean car will help you to feel organized as you go about your busy schedule. Now is the time to remove that stubborn dirt by getting your car professionally detailed.

Dirt Doctor Detailing is a company that provides both auto and commercial cleanings. Drop your car off to their friendly employees while you tackle other projects. To book an appointment email or call 662-709-0180.

5. Get up to date on your appointments.

One thing we oftentimes forget about, is staying up-to-date on appointments. Prioritize your health in the new season. For all your medical needs, visit Ole Town Med. They now offer drive-up and telehealth options in response to the COVID-19. Call 662-234-9112 or visit for more information.

In addition to your medical well-being, be sure to stay up-to-date on your dental appointments. Oxford Dental makes this hassle-free and painless. After catching up on your appointments, you will feel accomplished and ready to take on the spring season. Afterall, we have lots of smiling to do over the beautiful spring weather, so it is important to take care of your dental health.

6. Prioritize proper rest and sleep.

Catching up on sleep after the hectic holiday season is critical. While we all might struggle with sleep frequently, it is important to rule out the possibility of developing poor sleep health. A simple way to ensure that your poor sleep is attributed to everyday life alone, rule out other possible issues by getting a sleep study done. Life Dental in Oxford, offers sleep apnea treatment options on top of dental care.

In addition to dental and sleep apnea treatments, Life Dental also offers exclusive services such as heated massage chairs, hot oil treatment for hands and hot face towel treatments. Whether your poor sleep habits are attributed to everyday life or other unexplored medical issues, visit Life Dental to wind down and relax. While visiting, they also offer dozens of dental treatment options to ensure that all of your dental needs and more are taken care of.

For more information about Life Dental, visit or call 662-281-8455.

Whether your to-do list ends here or continues for miles, take your time and enjoy the process. Getting ready for a new season is exciting and can be relaxing if you take the proper steps. There is so much opportunity in the new season, so let's go out and tackle our to-do lists so we can start spring with a clean slate.

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