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Staying Healthy the Ole Town Med Way

Having a child miles away from you can be worrisome especially when they are feeling unwell. We are blessed with great healthcare providers within the Oxford and Lafayette community and we want you to know that your students are in great hands. One of the clinics in Oxford we have grown to love is Ole Town Med. Ole Town Med is located on West Jackson Avenue in the shopping center behind Zaxby’s and Advanced Auto. Laura Hill and her staff do a wonderful job of taking care of their patients and treating them. There are many services that they offer and we want to ensure that you are aware of how they serve our community in such a caring way.

Ole Town Med not only treats illnesses but also tests for them. They do testing of all types including COVID-19, flu, strep, pregnancy and many more. Ole Town is committed to diagnosing and treating their patients for whatever they might be diagnosed.

Another service that Laura and her staff offer is school, sports and yearly physicals. They can perform physicals as well as take x-rays in the possibility of a broken bone. They also are equipped to perform pelvic exams for females. Getting yearly physicals and exams is important to ensure good health. Being a college student can be exhausting and getting a good checkup is important.

A great perk that Ole Town offers is you can fill out ‘New Patient Paperwork’ online ahead of time. Just go to their website,, download it, fill it out and send it back in before they head up to the clinic. You can even fill it out for them if that’s best and send it in for your student. Then you or your student can call 662-234-9112 and let them know you are on the way! Easy as pie!

Ole Town Med is open 7 days a week. Their hours are Monday-Friday 8am-6pm, Saturday 10am-2pm and Sunday 12-4pm. They also offer a carside COVID-19 testing on Mondays 9am-1pm. This makes it so easy if your student is having symptoms or has been exposed!

People might think of Ole Town Med as ‘urgent care’ but thankfully, they can do it all. While administering anything from preventative care, urgent care to primary care, Ole Town Med is here to help with all of your student’s medical needs.

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