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Stuck at Home? Get Food Delivered!!

Most parents are concerned with different ways for their students to get food if they are unable to leave campus or may not have access to a vehicle. Pizza deliveries can get old very quickly and your student might be looking for a healthier alternative that can be delivered. Oxford has some great delivery services with a wide variety of restaurants to choose from!

Delivery Services

Fetcht Delivery is a locally owned service that has so many available restaurants to choose from. Whether you are in the mood for a late night chicken-on-a-stick or a meal from Boure, they have it! The only time deliveries are not available are Sunday lunch orders. Check out their website here.

Another local service that is familiar is Landshark Delivery who has recently partnered with Bite Squad for deliveries. Bite Squad has a total of 49 restaurants to choose from when those on campus meals start to get old! Check out their website for more information here.

Door Dash is a nationally known delivery service. There are so many fan favorites offered on Door Dash’s available restaurants. They allow delivery or pick up services. Door Dash usually has great promotions like free deliveries or coupon codes to use! Check out their website here.

UberEats is another nationally known delivery service. UberEats usually offers specials. For example, they are now offering free delivery when you order Panera! Always be on the lookout for deals! UberEats also makes it easy to order using the same login as your normal Uber account. Check out their website here.

Individual restaurants might have their own delivery service, or might automatically be connected through these services. Either way, Oxford delivery services have great options and service

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