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The Lowdown on Intercessions and Summer School

Does your student need to pick up some extra hours or spread their academic load out a bit? There are some solutions available to avoid an extra semester or help keep your son or daughter from going with the five-year plan, unless of course you want to do that! Intercessions, summer school can help.

Intercessions at Ole Miss are helpful to students that want to stay on track with their classes or even get ahead. What is an intercession? Think of it as a mini-semester or an intensive. In addition to the traditional academic calendar of fall and spring semesters as well as the summer school terms, Ole Miss offers these small windows where there are gaps in the traditional academic calendar. Each is around twelve days in length and are available three times during the year.

For the upcoming academic calendar of 2021-2022 the intercession classes are available as follows:

January 3 - January 15, 2022 (Advising/sign up opens October 2021)

May 16 - May 28, 2022 (Advising/sign up opens March 2022)

August 1 - August 13, 2022 (Advising/sign up opens March 2022)

Summer school can be taken all summer long or in one of two sessions. Summer sessions begin in June and are finished at the end of July. The summer school schedule of classes available is released during the spring semester advising period, which opens in late March and is open until the first session begins and is subject to change depending upon sign up.

So, why would you have your student pursue one of these options? Taking classes during an intersession or summer school can relieve academic pressure in other areas, it can be helpful if a student has switched majors and needs to catch up. The summer school sessions are also useful if your student is trying to make up a less than desirable grade. The intercessions are intensive, but rumor has it that they are often easier than a class that is taken during the actual academic year.

Be aware that not all subjects are available so have your student check when they are advising for the next semester that they have the correct class. If your student is working to have a grade forgiven, they need to read through the university policy carefully, follow the procedure and have the appropriate approvals in place. Also, be sure that their advisors are reviewing exactly what your son or daughter is working to accomplish.

For exact pricing go to the university website; out of state students still pay non-resident fees. If your student lives on campus, be sure and explore how housing works during these windows of time. Not all housing is open during the intercessions or summer school.

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