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Voting: It's Important

Early voting has started in different states and the official day to vote is November 3rd! Electing the leader of our country is an honor as an American citizen, so make sure to tell your student to use their voice and go vote. We have a few reasons on why voting is so important for not only you, but your student to do so. Remind your student that by using their voice by voting is an honor and privilege. Check the link below to see how they can vote and if your state allows early or absentee voting.

1. Not voting means you are not using your rights.

Every person has interests and opinions. If you do not vote based on those interests and opinions, who will? You and every person in America has the right to use their voice and have a say in how they want their country to be run. By not voting in the election, you are giving up your right and not contributing to how America will be run for the next four years. Use your voice!

2. Taxes

When you vote, you might be voting on a candidate with taxes in mind. When voting, you must consider how you want your taxes to be spent. It is your money on the line so be sure to research how each candidate is wanting to govern taxes. By voting, you get to choose how you want your taxes to be spent. Every vote counts!

3. Consequences

Every single election will have different consequences, so by using your rights, you get to decide how you want your country to be governed. Make sure to tune into the debates and really research what each candidate stands for and how they want to run this country. Not being informed can backfire on you if you do not know much about each candidate.

4. Your future

Your future is on the line when you are voting during the election! Let your students know that their votes are especially important because they are the youth of this country. Whoever wins the election will decide their future and how their country will be lead for the next four years. Have them use their voice for how they want their future to look like!

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