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Want An Oxford Home But Not Ready to Buy? We Have Some Great Options for You

Wanting to get a place in Oxford, without the commitment of buying a home? Have you ever thought of an apartment? There are many great renter’s options for apartments here in Oxford. Perfect for gameday weekends, get-away trips, or a second place. If you are looking to rent an apartment here in Oxford and need help with the logistics or getting started, we are here for you. We will give you some of the best options for rental apartments and a way to manage your space even when you are not in town.

Apartment Options There are many places to rent apartments here in Oxford. Whether you are looking for yourself, or your student, these are some great options.

DLP Oxford DLP Oxford, located almost directly across from the University of Mississippi, is the perfect place to rent especially if you do not plan on renting or bringing a car. Just a short drive to campus, this is the perfect place for gameday lovers. DLP offers one- and two-bedroom floorplan options to fit any of your needs. With a pool, full sized fitness center and dog park, there is no limit to the amenities at DLP. They offer fully furnished options, en-suite bathrooms, in-unit washer and dryer as well as an included flat screen TV. This could be a great option to avoid having to furnish a rented space and to save on appliances as well, since they are included. DLP is student and parent friendly and could be perfect for you. To learn more about DLP visit their website or call 662-513-6222.

The Hub The Hub at Oxford, located on Anchorage Road just a five-minute drive from campus is a great option with many built in amenities. While housing many students, The Hub could also be a great option to immerse yourself in the college culture within your rented space. With a breathtakingly large pool area and many other features, The Hub truly has anything you could need. The Hub offers anywhere from one to five-bedroom floorplan options, all fully furnished and move-in ready. Again, this is a perfect option for those not wishing to furnish their new rented space. This is a great environment to come in and out of, or a great place to stay for extended periods of time. Whether you are coming in for big gameday weekends, or looking to stay the semester, The Hub is spacious and offers many amenities that will make your stay more than comfortable. For more information or to learn more about The Hub, visit their website or call 662-234-2833.

Uncommon Uncommon Oxford, again, is a great apartment complex that serves as housing for many students. This apartment complex truly embraces the Ole Miss culture and makes for a great place to rent for weekends or longer. With floorplans spanning anywhere from two to four- bedrooms, Uncommon is guaranteed to have a space that fits your needs. Uncommon is also a

fully-furnished option making it extremely easy for renters. They also offer free WIFI services, in-unit washer and dryer and a provided flat screen TV and soundbar. Uncommon also has onsite parking, courtyards, grilling stations and a spacious fitness station. The complex is also extremely close to downtown Oxford, making for a great weekend destination. For more information or to learn more about Uncommon Oxford, visit their website or call 662-304-3639.

Cleaning While finding a space to rent is a huge factor in your decision to have an apartment in Oxford, maintaining that space can be a huge concern. It could sit empty for long periods at a time depending on the amount of use you decide is right for you. We know this, and this is why we recommend Hot Mops of Oxford. Hot Mops is the perfect cleaning service to come and maintain your space while you are gone. Their quick and quality service guarantees that your space will remain fresh for the next time you come to town. They are reliable and affordable making them a great option. Hot Mops can provide any and all cleaning services as frequently or sporadic as you may need. They have many highly rated reviews which makes them the cleaning service we recommend most. For more information about Hot Mops or to book an appointment, visit their website or call 662-801-3986.

Extra Storage Another concern that we hear often from parents looking for a rental space in Oxford, is one of great understanding for us. And that is, where do we put our extra stuff. We all have it, and we all need a place to put it. This can be particularly important if you are look to rent a smaller space such as an apartment, but do not want to compromise your belongings. It is also important for those that are far enough away to have a place to store their things in between leases or over the summer depending on your personal situation. For this, we recommend University Avenue Storage. University Avenue Storage can be great for both parents and students. Again, we all have extra things we do not have room for. University Avenue Storage offers a multitude of different time and space options with storage units that are guaranteed to stay safe and secure while you are away. To get more information about University Avenue Storage, call 662-234-3644.

Oxford is a great place to visit for a weekend or longer. If you or a family you know are ready to make the jump and rent an apartment here in town, we would strongly recommend these resources. Comment below where you are from and what gameday weekend we will see you at this next season.

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