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What Is a Happy? And Where Can I Get One??

Recruitment week at Ole Miss is legendary. Sprawling sorority mansions decorated to the nines, cheers flooding out of open doors, and girls running in their best dresses and heels. While legendary, it is also one of the most stressful times for your student that is participating.

While some of you might be able to attend in person, many are back home awaiting phone calls and receiving pictures. But while you may be far in distance, you don’t have to be far in support. Rush Happies are the way to feel closer to your student while they go through recruitment.

Rush happies are gifts that your student receives throughout the week of formal recruitment. Depending on the store, gifts can range from candy and spa gifts to T-shirts and beauty items. Before ordering, check out all of the options!

Katherine Beck has many options for rush happies. You can select all week or just specific days! Each day has its own theme, allowing a different surprise for your student. While each day has an average price point, you can add your own range if you need. When ordering, you can explain your student's likes and dislikes as well!


Saturday - Tshirt Day

Sunday - Gourmet Treat Day

Monday - Dorm Decor Day

Tuesday - Ole Miss Day

Wednesday - Encouragement Day

Thursday - Spa Day

Friday - Jewelry Day

Lily pad is not only a square staple but a great place for rush happies! Each rush happies basket is custom made for your student. They can include anything you want! The price ranges are great, and these ‘good luck’ gifts are less greek involved and allow you to personalize them even more! The staff at Lily Pad is eager to help and will talk through the process with you!


Saturday - Be Greek Day

Sunday - Sweets & Treats Day

Monday - Cozy Day

Tuesday - Self Care Day

Wednesday - Hotty Toddy Day

Thursday - Dorm Day

Friday - Jewelry Day

A staple in rush happies, Olive Juice has everything you need. They offer theme days, as well as help you personalize the happy for your student. If you are in town, be sure to swing by the store and pick up one of their amazing Rush 101 packets!


Saturday - Greek Day

Sunday - Spirit Day

Monday - Dorm Sweet Dorm Day

Tuesday - Spa Day

Wednesday - Sweet Treats Day

Thursday - Encouragement Day

Friday - Jewelry Day

All of our stores that carry Greek merchandise have a great selection and you can’t go wrong with any of them! Visit their websites or stop by these stores when in town. Go ahead and check off the recruitment happies and bid day baskets and have one less thing to worry about come August!

We truly hope all of your girls have the best recruitment week and run home to their new houses with big smiles!

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