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What the Experts Predict for the Housing Market in 2020

This article was provided by our partners at Paragon Bank.

The year 2020 is here. We are in a new decade, so let’s see what experts are predicting for the housing market in the upcoming year.

Limited inventory. It seems there are fewer homes for sale, keeping inventory tight. According to the Redfin Data Center people are staying in their homes for 13 years as opposed to eight years in 2010. In select areas, the number is as high as 23 years. The older generation is aging in place and that keeps millions of potential homes off of the market.

Millennials will drive the market. Millennials, born between 1981 and 1996, are ready to buy homes. Homeownership is a top priority for this generation, and many of them have good jobs and qualify for homeownership.

Millennials are looking for homes in the suburbs. Many millennials are looking for affordable homes on the outskirts of a metropolitan area. Lots of professionals work remotely and don’t need to live in the city or even commute for their job. They are looking for a community where the kids can play safely and where they can walk to stores and cafes.

2020 looks like a balanced market. With limited inventory and housing prices on the high side, it looks like neither a seller’s market or a buyer’s market.

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