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When It Comes to Cars - Brannan Knows

One of my top stressors in my life has always been cars. I’m a good driver, I take care of my car but I always start freaking out when my car makes a simple odd noise or drives a little funny. I know I’m not alone here. But what also use to stress me out was 1. Car Salesmen 2. Car Mechanics 3. Car tires.

Let’s just back up to my days as a student at Ole Miss. I was blessed that my grandfather had bought me a car before I went off to college. That 1996 maroon Toyota Camry with tinted windows and GOLD rims was my baby. My college friends and I got a good laugh this past weekend about my infamous car we affectionally referred to as the “ghetto sledge.” In my defense though, being from Florida, tinted windows were a must, and the gold package was a premium my grandfather thought was a kind gesture and a symbol of how far he’d come from being a kid growing up in the Great Depression.

I had that car till she had 220,000 miles. Naturally in that amount of mileage, I encountered several times where a car mechanic was needed.

I can remember my senior year of college when my brakes were not working well at all. I’d pump on them, and the pedal would nearly hit the floor. I took it to one tire/mechanic place here in town. A week later, that mechanic still didn’t know what was wrong. It was terrifying to drive the car, never knowing if I would come to a complete stop. The man suggested another mechanic in town that specialized in my sort of problem.  Insert Brannan Auto and Glass into my life. Probably what I would (and many Oxonians) consider one of the best kept secrets in Oxford. Bub Brannan, the original owner, is a man of few words but don’t let that fool you. Anyone who knows me knows I don’t really meet a stranger. Bub Brannan gave me a challenge over my years of working with him. But his kind heart and extreme knowledge of automobiles has saved me a ton in money and anxiety!

Bub retired in 2018 and sold the business to Chris Groner and Clay Kisner. I find absolute confidence in the new owners for two reasons – First, Bub would never ever leave his legacy and good name to no one other than amazing. And secondly, their Google reviews speak for themselves.

Brannan Auto and Glass, LLC not only does auto repair, but tires and windshield repair and replacement too. How often are those nasty chip marks happening on our rural Mississippi roads? Chris, Clay and their team can take care of you OR your student.

I would also like to add they do glass work as well. If your or your student’s residence in Oxford is in need of a new mirror or shower glass, Chris and Clay are happy to help you repair and get your home looking like new!

Brannan Auto and Glass is on the north side of town, on North Lamar and back in the early 2000’s, this part of town didn’t quite look like our Oxford we picture. Today? That’s a different story – it’s a super up and coming part of town with lots of local favs!

Now, twenty plus years later of being introduced to Brannon Auto and Glass – it’s still Oxford’s “go-to” for automobile needs. Customer service has been and continues to be their top priority…. So the next time your student feels much like I did, have absolutely no hesitation in calling Brannan Auto and Glass. I’m proud to call them my partner in helping raise your students while here in Oxford!

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Brannan definitely knows his stuff when it comes to cars! If you're on the hunt for quality salvage cars like Honda Accords, is the go-to destination. Their extensive inventory and transparent bidding process make finding your dream car a breeze. Plus, their commitment to customer satisfaction ensures you drive away with confidence. Highly recommend checking them out!


Richardo Reyna
Richardo Reyna
Aug 18, 2023

I had a complex crack pattern on my windshield that needed urgent attention. Auto Glass Repair experts came to the rescue. Their skilled technician evaluated the damage and provided a clear explanation of the repair process.

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