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Exams 101

Exams are like milestones, you pass and move on to the next bigger and badder feat. They stink and are a pain in the you-know-what but they are a critical part of being in school- and boy does it feel good when it’s over and done. Final exams are coming up- the biggest and baddest feat of them all! As Ole Miss Students pull all-nighters in preparation for finals, let’s get the lowdown on all things exams at Ole Miss.

Each class is different when it comes to exams. Some professors prefer minimal testing and more projects or homework to calculate your overall grade, while others only give exams to determine your grade- yikes! But there are a few testing guidelines that the university sets that professors across the board have to follow:

If your student is 15 or more minutes late to take a test, he will not be allowed to take his exam, resulting in an F.

If your student does not show up for a test and does not have an acceptable excuse or without the professor's consent, there is an automatic 0.

If your student doesn’t show up with the correct form of ID, there is a possibility of failure.

If your student attempts any part of the test and doesn’t submit those answers, prepare to see a 0.

But if your student has 3 or more tests in one day, the student can appeal to take the test at a different time! This policy has helped so many overwhelmed, stressed out students when they encounter this unfortunate fate.

Even finals have standard policies to follow. During finals week, each exam is taken based on a universal exam schedule set by the university. There are no classes finals week but students need to be weary of the schedule because odds are, they won’t take their final when their normal class time is- unless your student has a class at 8 a.m. MWF, then he will take his final on Monday morning at 8 a.m., the first final of finals week! Sheesh.

Ever heard of dead week? Dead week is the week before finals and during Wednesday through Friday of dead week, professors are not allowed to give exams, tests, or quizzes that contribute more than 10 percent of the final grade for that class. Technically professors can get approval from the department chair to give exams, tests, and quizzes but odds are they won’t for the mercy of the students.

Students with disabilities may have different testing accommodations if needed. Find out more on all things SDS here.

With exams less than a week away, GOOD LUCK REBS! Hotty Toddy!

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