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Going Greek with Lily Pad

There are less than 100 days until Recruitment 2020, and it is a great time to get an early start to finding the perfect gift for your daughter’s Recruitment experience and Bid Day. Located on The Square, The Lily Pad has 18 years of experience when it comes to creating Recruitment Week / Bid Day baskets and helping out parents with their Recruitment Week stress levels.

Good Luck Gifts

Recruitment is an amazing experience, but the week can be tiring and very long. Recruitment week gifts are a great way to remind your daughter that you are supporting her and encouraging her through her journey of finding a “new home” in one of 10 great sororities at Ole Miss.

Throughout the week of rush, Lily Pad offers a service that delivers non-Greek “Good Luck Gifts” to whichever dorm your daughter lives in. All you have to do is pick which day(s) you would like to send a gift, answer a few questions about what your daughter likes and leave the rest to Lily Pad. (You also have the options to specifically pick out items!) There will be a delivery person waiting in the dorm’s lobby with your daughter’s gift, so she can swing by and pick it up throughout that day. If for some reason she is unable to pick it up, Lily Pad will have it the next day for her to pick up as well.

Choosing gifts for each day can be difficult, so Lily Pad has a schedule of which themed gifts are most popular on different days of Recruitment. For example, a great gift to kick start the week is their “Get Up & Go Greek” gift that can be delivered on the first day of Recruitment. The following is just a guide for gifts and is not the only available options on that day:

· Round 1 ~ Get Up & Go Greek

· Round 1 ~ Sweets & Treats

· Round 2 ~ Beauty & Bubbles

· Round 2 ~ Hotty Toddy

· Off Day ~ Reset & Relax

· Round 3 ~ Glitz & Glam

· Round 3 ~ School & Study

· Round 4 ~ Jewelry


Bid Day Basket

Bid Day is a crazy, whirlwind of a day that your daughter will remember forever, and having that perfect basket delivered to her will make it that much more special! These baskets are filled with Greek gifts of whichever house your daughter pledged.

There are different options for baskets including pre-made and custom baskets. The pre-made baskets will be ready to go and only need a name to the basket. The smallest pre-made basket has four items and ranges to a nine item basket. Custom built baskets will be the last baskets made AFTER Lily Pad receives the bid list on Bid Day and is able to see which sorority your daughter pledged. Lily Pad is not able to see the list early and closes Sunday as soon as they receive news so the custom baskets can be started.

It all depends on what time the bid list is received and how many orders were placed to know what time those baskets will be delivered. Lily Pad works hard all Sunday to get as many baskets as possible to the houses and will deliver until the houses lock them out. Deliveries resume Monday morning until all the gifts have been delivered.

You will be charged within the few days after Recruitment in the rare case that your daughter did not accept the bid she was given or dropped out of Recruitment. Instead of a Bid Day basket, Lily Pad offers a great alternative whether it is a basket of “happies” or a gift certificate.

Click here to check out the Lily Pad’s helpful Recruitment flyer to learn more about their services, prices and see what is included in each basket!

Even more information can be found on their Recruitment website or you can call them at (662) 238-2900and they would be happy to help with any Recruitment week / Bid Day basket questions.

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