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Recruitment with KB!

Recruitment is just around the corner and Katherine Beck has everything you may need to find the perfect gift for your daughter during her journey to finding some new sisters in any of the amazing houses here at Ole Miss. Katherine Beck works hard to design quality Greek gifts that will make your best girl feel loved during that stressful (but rewarding) week.

With so many options to choose from, the Katherine Beck Rush Team offers both “Rush Happies” and “Bid Day Gifts”.

Rush Happies

A Rush “Happy” is a small gift that serves as a great way to help show your support and love throughout that crazy week. (You’ll be hearing a lot about little “happies” for the next four years!) These are non-Greek affiliated gifts that can be delivered to your daughter’s dorm lobby each day of Recruitment. (Or you can choose certain days!) The Rush Team at Katherine Beck has a great themed gift list that makes it a breeze to choose the best gift! They are also happy to accommodate your price/gift idea.

★ KB “Go Greek” T-Shirt Day

★ “Ole Miss” Day

★ “Spa” Day

★ “Re-Charge / Gourmet Treat” Day

★ “You Glow Girl” Day

★ “Dorm Decor” Day

★ “Encouragement” Day

★ “Jewelry” Day

A representative from Katherine Beck will be waiting in your daughter’s dorm lobby until Recruitment rounds begin each day, allowing them plenty of time for pick-up. It is no problem if she cannot grab her gift, because a representative will bring it back for her the next day. Your daughter will also receive a text letting her know she has a happy waiting downstairs for her!

Bid Day Gifts

Bid Day can be one of the most overwhelming but exciting days of your daughter’s freshmen year! The Rush Team at Katherine Beck works all year long to make sure the gifts they offer in the Bid Day packages can help make that day even better. Their packages are filled with trendy, unique items fit for your new sorority girl!

Three options are offered, including two customizable options and one preselected option. The first customizable option is the KB Shining Star which includes everything. This package can be 100% filled with your choices or the girls at Katherine Beck can hand pick each item. This package will be the FIRST gift assembled and delivered on Bid Day.

The KB Classic is the pre-selected gift. This will be the easiest Bid Day package option filled with Katherine Beck’s most popular Greek items, personally chosen from years of experience. All you have to do is choose which package of the KB Classic you would like and they’ll add your daughter’s name after the Bid List is received. These are the second packages to be delivered on Bid Day.

The KB Custom gift package is filled with your specific gift choices and will be made once Katherine Beck receives the Bid List.

* KB does NOT receive the Bid List until the girls get their Bid Cards. They will begin making and delivering gifts AFTER. *

Gifts will be delivered to the houses all day long until they are locked out and will resume delivering the next morning (and the next few days) until all the gifts are signed for. It is best to tell your daughter to be on the lookout for her package because the houses can get crowded with gifts.

Exchanges can be made during a certain time period, but only for other alternatives of Greek gifts. In the unlikely case that your daughter does not accept a bid, they can still receive a “non-sorority” happy gift or you are allowed to cancel. Either way, Katherine Beck will take great care of you!

The Rush Team at Katherine Beck are pros when it comes to Recruitment gifts, and they are prepared to help out with any questions you may have! For more information about pricing, package items or Recruitment info in general, check out their “Rush 101” guide here! Katherine Beck is located at 134 Courthouse Square, Oxford, MS, and you can also reach them through their email or call (662) 234-9361.

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