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The 411 on "Rec" Letters

Prepping for Recruitment Week can be hectic. Is my resume impressive enough? Which headshot do I use? What dates do I need to send my information in? These are all valid questions for a potential new member to think of, but one of the most commonly asked questions about pre-Recruitment revolves around recommendation letters or “rec” letters.

“Do I have to have a recommendation letter for every house?”

It is not a requirement to have any rec letters at all, but they are beneficial. Sororities respect their alumnae and their opinion, so by having a recommendation letter, even if not from the same chapter, is a great way to make your package which includes your resume and headshot more personable to the houses. It serves as an introduction to each house you will visit during Recruitment!

“How do I get someone to write a recommendation letter?”

There are alumni of sororities everywhere! Whether it is family or women in your church, teachers or family friends, it never hurts to ask around. It is great if you know someone personally to get a rec letter, but it is also great to get into contact with any Greek organization alumni and ask if they would mind writing one.

From personal experience, there was no one I could find from my town who was a member of a certain house, so I went to their website and got connected to an alumni from Florida who was happy to write a recommendation for me. So even if you do not know them personally just make sure to include your resume, headshot and most importantly a “Thank You” letter for writing the recommendation.

“How many recommendation letters should I have per house?”

Again, the letters are not required but it is great to try and have at least one per house. If an alumni knows you are going through Recruitment they may offer to write you a letter, which is fine if you end up having multiple letters. (It is not necessary to have ten letters for a house!) The Panhellenic Council encourages potential new members to think of recommendation letters like extra credit.

“What else should I know?”

An important date to know is that all letters should be sent to the sororities by August 10, to make sure they will be reviewed before Recruitment starts.

Each sorority has a different method of receiving the letters so make sure you check out the Panhellenic Council’s Letter of Recommendation website to see if the letters can be mailed or submitted online. Also, some houses allow current members of different chapters to write recommendations so be sure to check that out if you know someone at a different school.

Going Greek is a great experience and getting recommendation letters is an amazing way to get in contact with some past sorority women who have been in your shoes before!

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