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A Tale as Old as Time: Advising and Registration

Though I will miss many things after I graduate from Ole Miss this May, the hassle of registering for classes is one thing I will not miss. The stress of creating the perfect schedule with the best time slots before they fill up or finding the right professors all while trying to complete the necessary courses to graduate can be difficult. Now I’m no expert but I did manage to avoid taking Friday classes for three years of my college experience, because let’s be real the weekend truly does start on Thursday. So I’m going to share a few tips and tricks to try ease the pain of academic advising and registration process.

Step 1: Meet with an academic advisor or if your major allows you to complete the online academic advising online. This should be done as early as possible since appointments fill up fast, as registration is the busiest time for advisors. Be prepared with any questions or concerns as this is a great time for them to answer all your questions in one place. Academic advising for fall and summer term begins March 19 and ends April 9.

Step 2: Check your registration window for the time and date as every student’s window is different! To find your registration window simply go to your myolemiss account, click the box “course registration” then scroll to “check registration window”. Be sure to set an alarm 15 minutes before your designated registration time as a reminder. This ensures you will be ready to go when your registration window opens and not stuck with the dreaded 8am classes.

Step 3: Add your course sections to your “favorites” on your myolemiss page, do this ahead of time so your not frantically searching the day of your registration window. This is also a great time to talk to other students who are in the same major to see their opinions on the professors for classes you need to take, as professors can really make or break a class. Be sure to add multiple sections of a course incase a section fills up before you can register. Outline your classes to see what works best for you and when your class times are offered. Registration windows are assigned by seniority, meaning that seniors make their schedules, then juniors, then sophomores and lastly, freshmen. However, most of the classes that freshmen will need to take are reserved for orientation so that the new students can get in their needed classes!

Step 4: On registration day, be sure to have access to a strong Wi-Fi connection and login to your myolemiss as soon as our your window opens. Simply login, go to course registration, scroll to my course favorites, select the term your want to register for, then click start registration and lastly, add your selected to courses.

Mark your calendars for academic advising and registration dates!

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